How It Works

We deliver farm fresh organic fruits and veggies straight to your door- whether that be at your home, office or treefort! 

1. "Lettuce" know what you want!  Sign up  and choose what size box you would like to receive, tell us how often you want it  (weekly or every other week), where you would like it delivered (home or office) and what produce you like/ dislike (be warned, if you put heirloom tomatoes on your do not like list it is entirely possible that I will make fun of you). 

2. Menu time! We post the upcoming week's menu on our site on Thursdays and send you an email to let you know if you have a delivery scheduled for the upcoming week and what is in your produce box if you do.  

3. Change your mind or do a switcheroo! Oh the fun of making swaps! Your box will be customized based on your likes/ dislikes list. However, we know it's your perogative to change your mind. So, we make it easy to change things around (We're cool like that!). Decided you are no longer hating on apples? No problem, swap out those oranges and get your apples back! You can also add extra produce and additional groceries to your order (coffee... did somebody say coffee?!), add a delivery, or skip your delivery via our user friendly website. All changes to your boxes or delivery schedule should be done by Saturday night at midnight. 

4. Billing. Your payment method of choice is charged on Sunday before your delivery day. 

5. Do the happy dance! Organic deliciousness is delivered to your home or office on your set delivery day (Currently Monday and Tuesdays depending on your zip code). We deliver your produce in insulated liners with ice packs so there is no need to be home. However, we do ask that you return the liners, ice packs, and boxes at your next delivery so that we can re-use them and keep our delivery charge at ZERO. If you don't return them, I will put your name on the board and well, you don't want that... Do you???!  

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