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Delivering Organic Fruits and Veggies straight to your doorstep!

How It Works

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Tell us what size box you would like, how often you would like it, where to deliver it, and set your produce likes and dislikes. Sign up now!

Seasonal Delight

Each week we create a new produce menu based on what’s fresh and in season then we customize it to match your preferences. You can also makes swaps within your box, add extra groceries as well as skip or add a delivery.

It's Delivered

We will bring it straight to your door- whether it's at your home, office or treefort! See our delivery area.

Ready to eat organic?

What Folks are Saying

"Thank you for the hug that you included in my box today. What a loving and thoughtful gesture. I’m sending a hug back to you by saying thank you very much for your service. You provide me with organic fruits and veggies that I can’t find anywhere else so you have made my meals more fun to prepare, more creative, healthier and delicious. Thank you for that! You brighten my day and my kitchen."


" I have to tell you, this is the second box I have received, and my teenaged girls had already been into it and had a couple of bananas before I could even get home and take a look at it! They were overjoyed to see the "pink" apples again, and just wanted to know if Mom was going to share them this time. The food has been wonderful, and tasty. I thank you so very much for such a terrific service."

-Debi G.

"I just wanted to say that I love you guys! I am increasing my delivery schedule from biweekly to weekly today and I'm so excited! :) I'm always trying to save on costs as a stay at home mom and I can honestly say that these produce boxes are worth every single penny. Always fresh, always delicious, all organic...and no searching from store to store! I'm so happy I've spread the news to all my family and friends. I can't say enough about you guys!"




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A small box perfect for a single person or a small family that doesn't eat much produce. 


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Ideal for small families who only cook occasionally or single people who like to cook every night.


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Perfect for families (and very hungry people)! It offers you the most bang for your buck and has LOTS of amazing produce for you! Our most popular choice for every other week deliveries. 

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